Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life Lessons Revisited and Things that Make Me Go "Grrrr"

I was going through some old posts yesterday and last year I posted some valuable life lessons - one of which included "never name any fantasy sports teams 'undefeated'".

I feel that it is important that you know how that actually turned out for me. In the most recent NFL season we had a work fantasy league and I named my team "undefeated". We lost our first week. And like 4 out of the first 6 (prompting the above mentioned post). However, the team rallied and - on the shoulders of Chris Johnson - we went on massive winning streak. We ended up handing the #1 team their only 2 losses of the season and took the championship (sorry 'Cob). I have to say, I am really proud of those guys.

Lesson: Still probably not a good idea to toy with karma.

Also, it has been awhile since I've listed some of the little things that make me angry:

1. People who get on the elevator before letting those of us who have reached our destination exit the elevator. I am aghast that I even have to address this, but I kid you not, I got to the top floor of a building (there was nowhere left for me to go), the doors open, I step towards the exit and a man with a cart full of boxes moves to enter. The man sees me, says, "excuse me", then proceeds to have me move to the other side of the elevator so he can get enter. Once he is on the elevator he notices my look of disbelief and looks at me, motions to the door and says, "go ahead". The only problem is there is literally no opening for me to exit. I had to climb OVER his boxes and cart.

Really man, really? It wouldn't have just been easier for me to exit and then you enter? Really?

2. People who can't navigate a round-a-bout. There are 2 issues here. (1) There is no stop sign when entering. It is a yield; that means, if no one is coming, just go! No need to stop for 10 seconds and look around dumbfoundedly like a 10 year-old who just found a dollar bill and wants to make sure nobody sees he take it. (2) Once you are in the round-a-bout, don't stop to let others in. It really fouls things up.

3. People in the Utah County area need to use horns a little more and be offended by them a little less. Now I am not saying that we should become like huge cities where people have become inoculated to the sound of a horn, but a little tap on the horn is not a bad thing. And it does not mean that I am defiling your name. I am just letting you know that you did something dangerous or there is something you should be aware of.

Once again, big difference between this:

honk or honk honk

and this:


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