Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Okay

I'm in the LAX airport getting ready to fly to Salt Lake at an hour of the day when I feel people should not be overly chipper - especially not when they are at the airport (I believe it was Patrick Henry who, while dealing with the TSA, said, "aw forget it; give me death").

However, amongst the unpleasantries, I did overhear this little nugget. Southwest Airlines has booth in the terminal with a guy trying to sign people up for the Southwest rewards program. And I have to hand it to the guy, for have what seems to be an unenviable job, he seems to enjoy it and has a quick wit. To one passer by he extended his standard pitch, "Sir, sign up for our rewards program and receive a $417 credit." To which, this person replied, "I'm okay." The Southwest guy quickly responded in what seemed to be a sincere and non-snarky, "Great, okay people benefit the most."

I thought it was very clever and disarming. If he would have been talking to me, I may have actually stopped. 

However, I was in a hurry... and don't love flying Southwest. 

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