Friday, June 25, 2010


Earlier today, for my own purposes, I needed to look up some 4 letter names (no, I am not having a child... much to my mother's dismay). So I googled "4 letter names that start with d" and of course a number of websites featuring baby names came up. One of the websites actually had a list comprised only of 4 letter names - turns out you really can find anything on the internet! - so that was the one I chose.

The webpage had two columns - boy names on the left and girl names on the right. I quickly found what I was looking for and was about to close the window when something caught my eye. What is this? Emma under the boy names?!? And Elie and Ella?

Listen people, I know that we have uni-sex names - Blair, Clair, Lindsay/Lindsey, Casey, Erin/Aaron, Jesse/Jessie, etc - but Emma, Elie, and Ella are simply not boy names. And I cannot be persuaded otherwise. That is like having a woman named Richard.

While we are talking about it, why are lists like this always called something like "Possible Baby Names"? I remember when my mother was pregnant with my youngest brother, The Swordsman (how is that for a name?), she went to the library and got a bunch of "baby name" books and I thought to myself, "what is the difference between a baby name and a grown-up name?" Seems like they should just be "name books".

And don't even get me started on the suggestion of the name "Flem". I feel like no one should ever be named after a substance produced by the body... Just my opinion. Sorry Pooh Williams, I have to draw the line somewhere.


  1. One that I didn't highlight is the name Icey under the list of girls... I am sure she would be real friendly...

  2. You are just so funny! I just wanted to tell you that. And I'm so glad you found this list of names. There really are lots of winners out there in those "baby name books." :) You find tons of them when you read through the whole book to find a name for your baby. I really hope no one really uses names like those! Also notice Fred under the girl's list. Could be cute as a nickname for a girl, in my opinion, but you can't just name a girl Fred!

  3. Haha, thanks Charlotte! I have to say, it seems like the only thing that mattered for this list was the 4 letter requirement because there are some weird names on both sides! I agree, Fred is not a girl name, but it would be a cool nick name.

    I knew a girl once who went by "George" and she was cool... her real name was Georgette.

  4. Kenny...I saw in my news feed on fb your comment on blogging...yes keep writing. Anyhow, that's way funny about Flem. F.L.E.M. were my initials when I was married. No wonder it didn't work. Hahaha!!!!!!!


  5. Ya know, my life probably WOULD have been quite a
    it more interesting if my parents had named me

    (thanks for the mention :))