Monday, June 21, 2010

The World is Pavlov and We are His Dog...

This weekend Tap-Tap, Ernie, and I were at Arby's getting a bite to eat. The store wasn't busy - maybe 3 or 4 other people all seated and eating and no one else ordering. I ordered first with out incident and stepped aside to await my food. Ernie was next. As he was in the middle of his order, one of the patrons was leaving Arby's and rung a bell that was post above a sign which reads "Ring if our service was GREAT". Immediately - and as though she had no control over her reaction - the woman taking Ernie's order hollered, "THANK YOU!!!" (but in a tone that was more annoyed than grateful).

Now, I have been to Arby's enough to know that they train their employees to do this - which is fine, but not as a person is in mid-sentence while placing an order. And not shouting right in their face. Poor Ernie was so terrified we had to take him home so he could change his pants.

However, I can't fault the woman - she is a mere pawn in a sick and twisted game which we all fall victim to. In fact, just as I was writing this, my phone vibrated in my pocket notifying me that I had a text message. What did I do? I immediately stopped typing and reached for my phone; not a thought given. Was the message worth the interruption of my train of thought? No, but does that matter? Unfortunately that little device controls me and with every buzz and ring I come running. We have become subject to the dings, bells, and buzzes of the world.

And with that, enjoy this moment of Zen from The Office.

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  1. Ok, so the video has been flagged as copyrighted material - which it is - but it seems like a one minute clip showing how hilarious "the office" is would be a good thing. Anyhow, I will see if I can find another.