Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hey you, give me money!

Here is your late edition of Marketing Wednesday. One of the keys to marketing is giving someone a reason to do something that (they think) benefits them. You would never hear salesperson say, "I think you should buy this piece of junk so that I can get the commission off of it." They may be thinking it, but they won't say it if they want to be successful.

Also, there should be some level of specificity in your marketing. If you are selling woman's clothing, you don't try to get teenage boys into your store. You market to women and people buying things for women.

Apparently, who ever was in charge of signage at this gas station did not know either of those things.

Dear Chevron by my house,

This does not make my want to stop and buy anything from you. I asked myself 2 things when I saw this: What and Why? Which is exactly what you should have been selling me. I feel like almost anything would have been better.

"You worked hard today and deserve a treat! Candy Bars 4 for $1"
"Need a boost? All fountain drinks $0.99"

Are those good ideas? Not really, but in 15 seconds I came up with something better than what you have.

Tips for today:
1. Give me a reason to by that benefits me.
2. Be specific.


  1. i would have gone in, and bought things. Make me laugh, and ill do anything

  2. I used to frequent this gas station, since I lived just across the street from it for about a year. They usually have some pretty good, unique messages on it..

  3. I too, think that this sign is pretty funny.

  4. i will come in and buy anything from them.

  5. I hate buying things in general, but I much prefer this to Walgreens' advertised toilet paper prices on their marquee. OH WOW ONLY $X FOR 20 ROLLS MAN TIME TO STOCK UP.