Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the plot thickens...

Well, just yesterday I posted an open letter to Wendy's concerning my dispair over their discision to market their 4 piece nugget as a great value and favor to us - the customer.

It seems that they either got my message and wanted to stick it to me OR they haven't yet discovered my blog...

In either case, you can imagine my dismay when I saw the following posted on the drive-thru speaker:

"We have repackaged our Nuggets to serve you better.
"4-Piece $.99
"6-Piece $1.39
"We are still offering combo #9 10 pcs. nuggets $4.99"

To serve me better?!? I fail to see how. I see the upside for Wendy's, but not for me.

Ummm... perhaps "We have repackaged our Nuggets to be more profitable" would be more accurate.

Not mad about the price... disturbed by the marketing...
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  1. i had no idea you were blogging! yay!

  2. Brilliant Rawlins! Always entertained by your tweets, now glad you are blogging for a more in-depth discussion of the things of the world that don't make sense. Blog on.