Friday, July 17, 2009

uh, what?

Call me old fashion, but I recall the good ol’ days when parents use to watch out for their children – “don’t eat that…”, “get that outta your ear…”, “don’t run out in the road…”, “get down from there…”, and – of course – “don’t play near the train tracks!”

But now-a-days? People don’t tell their kids “no”, they want others to account for their kids.

That’s right you trains! Slow down… our kids are playing here! No sense in wasting a semi-level, not-so-safe field. Especially when the nearest park is a whole block away!

I don’t know much about trains - but in what I have heard, no one has made special note of their superior braking power… but I am sure they will stop in time.

What is next? “hey raw meat, don’t make my kid sick when he eats you.” Or, “hey ground, don’t hurt my kid when he falls off the roof. And while we are at it, hey roof, don’t let my kid fall off!”


  1. I hear ya! the world is falling apart.mostly just parents are so lazy.

  2. I actually think kids now are too pampered by their parents. I mean, we used to ride up on the shelf in the station wagon or in the back of Grandpa's truck, no parents would allow such nonsense now.

    Plus, playgrounds when I was a kid were deathtraps. Not just the spinning steel wheel that you could get up to about 40 mph before it started throwing kids 100 ft, but we also had a giant jungle gym shaped like a football that must have been 30 feet tall. Embedded in concrete, of course. No one would ever allow their children on such a device nowadays.