Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bathroom Signs!

Thanks Bob...
I was in the Provo Cafe Rio the other day and saw this piece of wisdom painted on the men's room wall.

Who is Bob Nilsen and what makes him think he is a tortilla expert? How many hand made tortillas has he even had?

I get it... Cafe Rio wants us to know that they have good tortillas - Heck, I even agree - I even understand them wanting to have that on their wall, but is the advertising any more effective if some guy I don't even know said the tortillas are the best in the world?

For all I know Bob has never even had a tortilla. He probably doesn't even know how to pronounce tortilla. I imagine the first time he tasted a Cafe Rio tortilla he turned to his wifey and said, "Daggum Shirl, these tort-tila things be good. They must be the best in the world..."

Thanks for the insight Bobby.

Please Read the Fine Print

Here is a picture of a very nice restroom in a restaurant here in the valley.

Very nice right? Obviously the last thing they want to do is put one of those tacky "All employees must wash hands before returning to work" signs, but, honestly, is this any better?

No, it is not better. This is tiny, looks like it came out of a fortune cookie, I don't know what the back ground is (burlap???), and I hate the typeface. How are employees even going to see it.

On a side note... how pathetic is it that there have to be signs to tell people to wash there hands?


  1. You know, Bob Nilsen is actually the ex-president of Burger King and now the Co-Owner of, in fact, Cafe Rio. Just for the record.

    1. So the guy who sells the tortillas thinks they're the best in the world...and they're in Utah, ahahaha. I'd take a random Mexican's world over any CEO's any day.

  2. my favorite is the fact that the bottom one really does look like it came out of a fortune cookie.

    i think that what makes the cafe rio ones great is the fact that they are quoted by obscure people. is bob nilson really the co-owner of cafe rio? that'd be just silly if he was, because what else is he going to say about his restaurant chain?

    i'd like it better if he was just shirl's husband and some cafe rio employee happened to overhear him say that, ask him what his name was, and then slap the quote on the wall.


    i've never heard of the name shirl before.

  3. Shirl is Bob's pet name for his wife... her real name is Shirley.

    I like to really to really get to know my fictitious people and give them depth.