Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Once upon a time I was was a pirate and since it is RCG's 25th birthday and my parent's 26th anniversary, I figured it was time to do a blog about pirates!

Check out this sweet stuff from 868valencia.org (not only are these things hilarious, but they are in headquartered in SF, so that is a triple word score):

Funny Posters

I don't know if 30 is really the new 20, but "Beards are the new black"...

Tell those Liberal cannon control freaks, "Cannons don't sink ships, pirates with cannons sink ships"

In somethings order doesn't matter, but in other things it really really does. Remember "Pillage before plunder, what a blunder. Plunder before pillage, mission fulfillage"


The captions on the website make these little nuggets hilarious!

"Sprinkle a small amount of this substance into the sea. Sometimes they come closer, sometimes they swim away. It's complicated"

"We can't help you with all of your problems. Sleep apnea, nervousness around tall people, transplanted pig intestines, all that stuff is on you. But your sea sickness, we might possibly be able to try and help you with that."

"TESTIMONIAL FROM REAL CUSTOMER: My living situation was really oppressive for a while there. My roommates did this thing where they sort of sucked the fun out of the air and filled it with their weird smells. I would just stay in my bedroom all day and sleep. I used this stuff, and now I'm all good.

"I lived inside of a whale, is the thing. My roommates were like...krill? My bedroom was this recess in the whale's stomach. Alright."

Once again, check this stuff out at 868valencia.org.

(Ok, Ron's B-day and my parents anniversary don't have any thing to do with pirates, but this is this sweet site that I have been meaning to post about and I wanted to give a shout out to mi padres and Ernie... Talk about killing one stone with two birds.)

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