Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Utah Jazz Hat!!!!

I decided to embark on a little arts and crafts project on Friday. I have always liked the simplicity of the old Utah Jazz logo, but the color palette of the newest logo. A couple of months ago I recreated the old logo with the new colors and a slight variation of the "J"/basketball (to give it a newer feel) and on Friday I printed it out of fabric and sewed it on to a blank cap that I bought:

You can see the current and historic Jazz logos here.


  1. Wow Kenny! I'm impressed! I had no idea you were so creative and artsy. I bet people will be asking you where you got that hat cause they'll want one just like it...they should totally have you design for them. :)

  2. open a shop and make things and sell them. i mean. i think that's a good idea.

  3. Did you really do that yourself, because I can't see you sewing that together?