Monday, September 21, 2009

The World Almost Never Ends

I was reading in my stress management textbook:
"Another form of perspective happens when you see your stressful situation as neither the best nor the worst thing that has happened or will happen. This can give you great relief. When people overreact, they treat their stressful problem as the end of the world. It almost never is. You should try to see your stress as not the best, but also not the worst that can happen. In other words, it's manageable."
This is great advice and insight. Especially this little nugget about a problem being the end of the world - "It almost never is."

Wow, they really went out on a limb there, didn't they? Question - How many problems in the history of the world have been "the end of the world." Answer - Zero. So couldn't they have really said, "It never is"?

All they did was leave the door open for people to think that their problem is going to be the one that actually ends the world. How is that for stress relief.

Quite frankly, isn't the thing that makes problems problems the fact that they don't end the world; You have to deal with them?

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  1. good point, kenny. good point.

    my favorite part of this was imagining the people who are thinking that their problem could possibly "end the world".

    what's it called again when you take everything way too literally?