Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Chicken Nugget Revolution!

On July 6th and 7th, I blogged about my outrage over Wendy’s taking one of the nuggets out of the 5 piece nugget (making it a 4 piece nugget). Since then, every time I have gone to Wendy’s, I say, - strictly out of habit - “...and all have a 5 piece nugget” only to have them say, “we don’t have a 5 piece nugget anymore; will the 4 piece be alright?

Grrr... It happens every time!

Until yesterday that is... I finally remembered - “I will have a 4 piece nugget.” Imagine my surprise when I hear, “sir, we don’t have a 4 piece nugget. Only a 5 and 10 piece.”

Are you kidding me!

Apparently nobody liked the 4 piece idea, so Wendy’s brought back the good ol’ 5 piece. Which would be great if it were at the same great price. But alas, now the cost is $1.19.

The Revolution: Wendy's Select-a-Nugget

I have had enough. It is time for a revolution... A chicken nugget revolution that will change the way we order nuggets forever! I call upon Wendy’s to introduce the “Wendy's Select-a-Nugget”. It is simple:
-Each nugget is $.20
-Each customer orders the right number of nuggets for his or her needs.

If you are a 7 nugget person, you pay $1.40. If I am a 9 nugget guy, I pay $2.80. If some offensive lineman comes in and wants 24 nuggets, he drops $4.80 and his needs are met.

All a person has to say is: “I’ll have a 7 piece Wendy's Select-a-Nugget”. Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy.

With this they can truly say, “Its waaaay better than fast food; its Wendy’s”.

Join with me in boycotting Wendy’s nuggets until the give us the true value of the Wendy's Select-a-Nugget.

Their OWN Website

Really, based on their current marketing efforts, this is the only logical step (click to see larger image):

I. Their website reads: "At Wendy's, we're unrivaled in our passion for giving people what they want -- and uncompromising in giving people what they deserve."

Well, how better to give people what they want and deserve than by giving people the number of nugget right for them? That's right - Wendy's Select-a-Nugget!

II. Wendy's already preaches the personalization; Shouldn't they take it to the next level? That's right Wendy's Select-a-Nugget!

III. This part is just messed up. Here they are advertising the five piece nugget for $0.99 even though that has not been a option for months. That is almost as cold as asking a guy how is girlfriend is the day after she dumped him just to see him fight back tears. That's harsh... really harsh.

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  1. omg that is the greatest idea EVER!!!! a wendy's select-a-nugget!!! why didn't i think of that!?! ...i'll be your #1 supporter ^_^

  2. Join the Facebook group!


    (you seriously made a facebook group?)